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Reader, welcome.

If there's a gap on your virtual bookshelf then one of my published novellas (see below) may appeal to you.
And if you make a return visit now and again, I hope to put new writing up here, both short stories and longer pieces.

News - published novellas

Snow Queen: Love in a landscape of ice & snow

Snow Queen - book cover

Mid December. Snow lies over much of the south-east and Rosie Deakin, seven months pregnant, and recently arrived in the middle-of-nowhere, thinks fondly of summer lunches in a London park. As Kit, her husband, tries to get them settled into their new house before Christmas, he feels that nothing he does will ever please her. So when, one snowy morning, a chance encounter introduces him to their mysterious neighbour, Kit keeps the meeting to himself, while Rosie is hiding a secret of her own that's followed her all the way to the middle-of-nowhere.
Snow Queen is available as an ebook from or

The Beautiful Eyes of Artist X

The Beautiful Eyes of Artist X - book cover

Is it foolish to try to turn the clock back on love?
A successful New York artist moves to a house in the English countryside in the hope of exploring new ideas, at least that's the story he tells anyone who asks. In fact he's on another quest entirely and he needs someone to help him. Enter Louis, an overweight software developer, who's house-sitting for a friend and at a loose end with his life.
The Beautiful Eyes of Artist X from or


The Impossibility of Blue

The Impossibility of Blue - book cover

All's fair in love and work.
Danny Edwards is feeling lucky. He's doing well in his new job at a software solutions company; he's just become engaged to the gorgeous Ellie and he's made a good friend of his more senior and successful colleague, Rob Machellan. But luck can be double-edged. When Rob gives Danny the business card of a mysterious woman who provides her services as a call girl to a very select clientele, he finds himself drawn into an encounter which turns his world upside down.
The Impossibility of Blue from and

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